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Signs Your Wife is Cheating

Statistically, women are less likely to cheat than men, but it still happens very often, and rarely as a one-night-stand. Women tend to have emotional affairs more often than men. If you suspect your wife is cheating, here are some signs to help you know for sure.

One classic sign of a cheating wife is if that she suddenly spends a lot of time doing activities you do not enjoy participating in, such as shopping. Pay attention to how long she was gone and how many bags she brings home. If she normally brings home five bags after an hour-long shopping trip but suddenly begins to only bring home one or two, she may have actually been somewhere else.

Pay attention to her appearance and purchases. A cheating woman wants to be more attractive for her lover. New hairstyles, hair colors, manicures, and new, more feminine clothes may all point to an affair if she does not normally show so much concern for her appearance. A huge red flag is if you find new, sexy lingerie in her drawers that you have not seen before.

Increased time online, especially at night, could point to an affair. Check Internet history and instant-messaging chat logs to see if she’s been talking to anyone late at night. It could also be suspicious if the Internet or chat history has been cleared. Most people do not clear their Internet history on a daily basis – unless they have something to hide.

Being protective of a cell phone is also a classic sign of infidelity. Refusal to let you see or use the phone could indicate that she has something to hide. If she begins taking it with her everywhere she goes, even to places like the bathroom or to bed, and she did not always do that, there is something on the phone she does not want you to see. Beware the wife who allows you to use her phone, but has strange text messages from her friends she previously did not speak with very often. A common tactic to hide an affair is to save the other person’s number under a different name to make it seem less suspicious.

One of the most common signs of an affair is a lack of interest in you and being intimate with you. A cheating wife will close up, and not talk as much about her life and day as she used to. She will direct every conversation onto her husband to keep from having to talk about what she did. She may not show any more interest in doing activities with you and spending time with you alone. She will not be as needy as she usually is, and spend a lot of time alone. She may show a lack of interest in your hobbies or desires. A cheating spouse will often start arguments to use as an excuse to leave the house and see their lover.

If a woman is going to cheat, it will usually be an emotional affair. Women cheat on their husbands because they feel like their husband is not fulfilling their needs anymore, or because he is just not attractive to her anymore. She may need to feel like she is still attractive, especially if she is nearing middle age, even if her husband reassures her she is. She may feel like she needs someone else to validate her who she feels is not expected to do so, such as a husband or family member. Women are more likely to have an affair with someone they already know – a friend, a coworker, someone from school or church or their gym.

If you suspect your wife is having an affair, do not hesitate to ask for help. It can be difficult to go about everyday life normally if you are concerned about an affairHiring a private investigatorlike those from Tim Wilson Investigations can put you on the path to truth with no additional stress to you.

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