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Signs Your Husband is Cheating

Extramarital affairs are one of the top reasons women file for divorce. Affairs can be devastating to the relationships, family and future love life of the affected. Learn the signs of a cheating husband to protect yourself and others.

Over-Protecting the Cell Phone

One of the first signs of infidelity is the over-protectiveness of a cell phone. Refusal to let you use his phone or see his text messages is a classic sign that something is amiss. Deleting all phone and text history, especially if it’s immediately after a conversation is cause for suspicion if this is not normal behavior. Another sign is if he frequently takes calls in another room, especially if this is not normal or it begins happening more frequently. Locking the screen of his smartphone that he has had unlocked for several months and not allowing you to know the password is a big indicator of infidelity. A sudden need to have the cell phone on or near his person at all times could also be an indication that something suspicious is happening.

Extra Long Hours Outside the Home

Another classic but still applicable sign that your husband may be cheating is frequently claiming to work long hours. Especially if these overtime hours last long into the night or wee hours of the morning. Often those “extra work hours” are being spent with a secret lover. Along these same lines, increased time spent with his friends could be seen as suspicious. Some men will suddenly be spending a lot of time with “a friend” outside of the home. This friend may turn out to be another woman. Sometimes lovers will also be concealed as a new hobby that he does not participate in at home, or a sudden membership to the gym.


Spending long nighttime hours online is becoming an increasingly common sign that your husband may be cheating. He may be having cybersex or instant-messaging his lover while you are asleep at night. If you are computer-savvy, you can easily check his chat and website history to see where he’s been. If you consistently come up with no history on the internet or instant-messaging programs, you may have a problem. Most people will not clear their history every night.

Suddenly Grooming More

sudden change in grooming routines can be a subtle but important clue. New cologne, wearing nicer clothes, styling his hair different, and joining a gym to lose weight or gain muscle can all be signs of an extramarital affair. If these activities are not normal, he may be trying to clean up for someone new. A mysterious lack of funds could also be proof of suspicious goings-on. Cheating costs money, and if he cannot show what he spent it on, it may be because he was spending it on someone else.

Attitude Change

Is your husband picking fights with you or causing arguments lately? A sudden change in attitude around you is often a huge sign that he is having an affair. He may be starting arguments to have an excuse to leave the house and be with his lover. A sudden lack of interest in bedroom activities is another huge sign that he may be cheating. On the flipside, beware if he is suddenly too nice to you. He could be trying to ease the pangs of guilt by showering you with gifts and affection.

If your husband refuses to communicate or confess to having an affair, you can do some investigating on your own, or hire a private investigator. Tim Wilson Investigators are experienced with discovering extramarital affairs and providing evidence to use in a divorce case.

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