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Asset Search

An asset search can uncover an unbelievable volume of details about an individual. There are lots of explanations why an individual might employ a private investigator in order to carry out an asset search exploration. However, some reasons tend to be more frequent than others. This article is a quick outline of the most frequent reasons behind an asset search.

Judgment Recovery

A lawful litigant can win a case and acquire a judgment. This can be an order from the judge compelling an individual to pay. However, until one can discover an individual's concealed assets, one might never have the ability to collect on the judgment. Therefore, one needs to find their concealed assets. In the event the funds can be found, it is then possible to legally force the individual to pay their dues.

Divorce Litigation

Whenever a couple goes through a separation or divorce proceeding, a lot of time one spouse may be suspicious of the other's concealed assets. It may be business holdings, vehicles, property, or cash. However, the thing many people are looking for in these kinds of investigations tend to be concealed bank accounts.

Child Support Collections

Sometimes, even after a judgment regarding child support, the ex won't pay out and is currently doing work off the books, which means they could pay the child support but aren't. An asset search could discover concealed bank accounts, stocks, and business interests. Occasionally, the research will incorporate employment details as well. On occasions when it is not included, there are particular investigations with regards to present job that may be included in using the asset search.


One may have an excellent case versus an individual, but in the event that they don't have any insurance or assets to cover a judgment, there could be simply no point in dealing with the cost of litigation. A pre-litigation asset search could save you the expense of a court case that will not accomplish anything.

Conflicts Over Probates and Wills

There are frequently disputes involving heirs following a death. Often times members of the family believe that the executors of the legal will are trying to keep the people involved in the dark in regards to the deceased's assets. Consequently, an heir might feel much better if absolutely no stone is still left unturned.

If you are interested in acquiring the services of an asset search firm, you need to know some of the points that need to be reviewed before choosing the right asset search firm for your needs. Many have a tendency to pay attention to asset search companies or individuals which focus on only one niche. However, it is usually within your best interest to find an asset search firm  or investigative service which has the experience, expertise and knowledge in a number of fields to essentially obtain the information you are searching for in a professional, timely manner.

If you want to order an asset search for a divorce case, child support, or other reason, do not hesitate to contact a private investigator such as Tim Wilson Investigations to assist you in discovering the truth.

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