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Theft Detection and Recovery

Call 1 (800) 820-7006 to speak to a theft detection and recovery investigator.

theft detection and recoveryTim D. Wilson Investigations has a proven track record in theft detection and recovery investigations.  We will launch a thorough investigation and help recover what is rightfully yours.

Catch the Thieves with Undercover Investigations

Your personal or corporate property is of great value to you.  We work diligently to determine the persons involved in the theft of your property and return your property back to you.

Our expert investigators are trained in the latest surveillance and undercover methods to blend in naturally into any environment, be professional and confidential at all times.

Domestic Theft

Domestic theft can involve an outside party breaking in and entering your home or domestic staff given permission to enter your home to do a certain task or job.  Under both circumstances a party decides to take what is not rightfully theirs and the loss to you can be great. We investigate theft incidents including:

  • Vehicle
  • Jewelry or Personal Heirlooms
  • Monetary Items
  • Other Various Valuable Items

Corporate Theft

According to the FBI corporate theft is the “fastest growing crime in America”. Our trained detectives investigate matters such as:

  • Monetary Theft
  • Corporate Property Theft
  • Major Embezzlement
  • Other Inside Jobs

If required, we are prepared to spend months in an undercover situation to locate and identify all persons involved in theft or in a network of thefts.

Stop further theft losses.  Call 1 (800) 820-7006 nationally, (713) 956-1111 in Houston, or contact us online to speak to a private investigator about your theft detection and recovery situation.

Call today for immediate professional investigations.

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