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Missing Persons and Witness Location

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Tim D. Wilson Investigations has worked with attorney firms, corporate offices, and worried family members around the U.S. to locate witnesses needed for court proceedings or questioning and loved ones who have disappeared.

Witness Relocation

The expert investigators at Tim D. Wilson Investigations have been successful in locating even the most difficult to find witnesses for court proceedings and questioning as well as crime accomplices or witnesses. Act fast und contact us about your witness location case.

Missing Persons Relocation

According to the National Center for Missing Persons, everyday 2,300 Americans are reported missing, and in the years after the hurricanes the number of active cases has risen by 11,000 missing persons.

missing personsThe experienced private investigators at Tim D. Wilson Investigations will find missing people reported by loved ones, corporations, and those who are owed a great deal of financial debt.

Finding Witnesses and Missing Persons Worldwide

Over the years Tim D. Wilson Investigations has established a worldwide network of associates and colleagues to aid in the many searches we conduct each month.  Our clients can rest assured we are diligently working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the person they are in search of is being located quickly and professionally anywhere in the U.S.

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