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Worker's Compensation Fraud

worker's compensation surveillanceCall 1 (800) 820-7006 or contact us online for to discuss your options to deal with Workers' Compensation Fraud. 

There are dishonest employees that fabricate the extensiveness of their injuries in order to take advantage of workers’ compensation claims.

The investigative work of Tim D. Wilson Investigations regularly saves companies and workers’ compensation insurance agencies from paying false claims.

Catch Them "Faking It" with Surveillance Measures

workers-compensation-fraudOur trained investigators use numerous proven surveillance methods to get the information companies need for their cases. We are prepared to record instances of worker's compensation fraud using:

  • Video Recording
  • Audio Recording
  • Photography
  • Undercover Investigation
  • More Including Highly Specialized Equipment and International Networks

A Fast Growing Crime

Workers Compensation fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in America and ranges from workers fabricating the extent of their injuries to complete fabrication of on-the-job incidents.

Catch Doctors Who Commit Fraud

Tim D. Wilson Investigations can also investigate treating doctors and their claims. There are times that doctors are the ones that commit fraud by billing the insurance company for false treatments or claims.

At Tim D. Wilson investigations we are able and ready to help protect you and your business from workers’ compensation fraudCall 1 (800) 820-7006, in Houston (713) 956-1111, or contact us online today.

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